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CS Emporium Jewelry by Italian Designer Carlo Somma








In 1976, at the age of twelve, his passion for gems, precious stones was deeply awakened, and he began researching and collecting stones and precious gems until he learned to cut, shape, polish and sculpt them.

In 1982, at age 18 did volunteer work as Full-time missionary for 18 months, where in addition to proselytize, started learned English and developed the ability to communicate, which traveled to 24 cities across the states of Parana and Santa Catarina in Brazil.

In 1984, at the age of twenty, he moved to Europe. At Home studied medicine for three years at the University "La Sapiens University" in Rome, but his passion for art was greater, and thus left the University of Medicine, to devote full time to art. Then he began studying art and devote his time to creating jewelry, sculptures, and trading of precious stones. He did in Italy expertise in gemology, after studying Designer and began working for a European multinational company as a specialist Gemstones, minerals and organic origins; among them, precious stones, semi-precious stones, coral and pearls. As is highlighted in the company, and be knowledgeable of multiple languages, has become buyer of the same, traveling between Africa, Colombia, Russia, Thailand, Bangkok, Brazil, and several other places besides buy participated in numerous international exhibitions also the same company.

In 1990, he started drawing, and began to devote himself to create his own collection. Carlo Somma, being a young talented sculptor, Lapidario craftsman, and especially with the gift and passion of creation, established his first Atelier workshop.

In 1991, Carlo Somma, founder, opened a branch office and a Store in Lago Sul, Brasilia; and then moved to company headquarters there. Because of its accuracy and reliability, and provides services rendered to the great Italian Bulgari, Tiffany and Cartier after. From that moment his creations in function are almost all unique pieces, handmade, quickly gained a solid reputation among enthusiasts and found buyers as far away as Europe, the US, China and Dubai.

In 2010, realizing that it could go beyond, opened branch of your company in the US with his trademark. Quickly she got the news that the singer and Celebrity Madonna bought one of his pieces from the collection "Luxury & Celebrities" in a shop in Palm Beach. His family moved to study in Florida and Carlo Somma continued traveling, in order to make your business stronger and prepare their collections from Brazil, Europe, China and USA. From this moment began to exhibit more intensely around the world, Valenza, Rome, Basel, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong, reaching and making new customers from Europe, Middle East, North America and South America. 

In 2015, finally held its first showing at the Fair more expressive jewels of the American market "jewelry JCK Show" in Las Vegas Nevada, where Carlo Somma presented his best works among sculptures and jewelry which were called "The 200 CREATIONS”.

It all started in 1964 in the small town of Luz, Minas Gerais, Brazil.Carlo Somma was born of Italian father and Brazilian mother native of that city in the region gems in Brazil. He is the son d'art. Noble lineage descendant of northern and southern Italy, the Somma's joined Lotta family in Caserta town close to Torre del Grego, Dell Greek Tower, the world's leading coral and cameo, jewelry and sculpture of old masters from the fifteenth century. The Somma family distinguished themselves in the arts of: music, theater, casting, carving and polishing work of precious and carving coral. And so the precious metals and gems agreed innate artisan talent of the contemporary artist and designer, Carlo Somma.


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The New about CARLO SOMMA in Itabira, Brazil

Augusto 2015

Carlo Somma was invitited from Belmont. The Largest number one of the world's Emerald Mines. Emerald’s Journey from Mine to Market



The emerald in this ring traveled through the entire mine-to-market value chain, from the earth of Brazil’s Belmont mine to a custom jewelry manufacturer and retailer in Thailand. Photo courtesy M. Suradej Joaillerie This 9.29 ct emerald was recently recovered from the underground mine at Belmont. Early underground exploration proved to be highly worthwhile, as underground mining has become an increasingly important contributor to Belmont’s overall production. Photo by Robert Weldon/GIA courtesy Belmont mine.
Belmont now cuts the majority of the facet-grade rough they produce—about 70 percent by value, about 60 percent by volume. When deciding what rough they will retain for cutting and what rough they will sell, Belmont looks primarily at market demand and cost effectiveness factors. Currently, they cut all their facet-grade rough in Brazil. However, labor costs are not as low as in other areas of the world, so they must determine if a faceted stone fashioned in Brazil can be priced at a globally competitive level. Most of their carving, bead, and cabochon-grade material goes to Jaipur, India.
The New about CARLO SOMMA Las Vegas


LUXURY a unique business opportunity in a tailored environment bringing together the upscale jewelry retailers with high end manufacturers and designers. Through carefully planned networking breakfasts, lunches, cocktail parties, and dinners—LUXURY combines the beauty and passion of the jewelry industry with the most accomplished talent and design collections. Held at the elegant and encompassing Four Seasons/Mandalay Bay/DELANO Las Vegas, LUXURY and Elite Only by invitation. CARLO SOMMA  INTO to a larger, enhanced space in JCK LAS VEGAS, the cutting-edge fashion hub that has often been voted best creation in the  costumazed jewellery designs. May 29, 2015





The World's Number One fine jewellery event in Hong Kong

CARLO SOMMA  presents the Collection " Luxury & Personalities in Hong Kong Jewelery & Gem Fair, the cutting-edge fashion hub that has often been voted best creation in the costumazed jewellery designs. HONG KONG, the world's premier trading hub for Jewelery, is a free port where there are no duties or restrictions imposed on precious Jewellery products or related materials. It is also the ideal springboard from worldwide can venture out to the booming markets of mainland China and the rest of Asia.






Feninjer is the largest and leading jewelry fair in Latin America. Recognized by buyers as a reference in quality jewelry design, the fair sets the directions for the market, disseminating trends and knowledge.

CARLO SOMMA  presents the Collection " JACKIE KENNEDY " Pearls at:

FENINJER  BRAZILIAN GEMS AND  JEWELERY SHOW, the cutting-edge fashion hub that has often been voted best creation in the  costumazed jewellery designs.








CARLO SOMMA  was interviewed for the Jornal of Personality and also the South Lake Jornal in the Capital of Brazil, the cutting-edge fashion hub that has often been voted best creation in the world in costumazed jewellery design on 2015



The New about CARLO SOMMA in MIAMI, Florida